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Who We Are


We are a community based non-profit organization consisting of citizens representing the municipality of Arundel for the purpose of promoting recreational, cultural, educational, and social interaction

within the community.


Executive Directors



Patti Flanagan

Vice President:

Marlene Séguin


Pat Thomas

Anne Poirier       


Andree Godin

Greg Widdison

Terence Flanagan

  Our Goals


  • To organize and support recreational, cultural, educational, and social activities for and within the Arundel community

  • To stimulate the local economy and coordinate fundraising activities

  • To foster a feeling of cooperation in the municipality

  • To encourage discovery of Arundel

  • To favour exchanges among the citizens of the municipality and with other municipalities

  • To share resource materials

  • To support the activities, groups, and organizations already in place in the municipality



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